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a huge old cherry tree in full bloom
means cherry blossom

    a cherry tree whose blossoms begin falling

 a little after their peak. means cherry blossoms




  梅means ume and japanese apricot. The work expresses a round and pretty ume flower which is little but a bit tough.

   I like an ume flower which makes me feel the coming of spring,  when it is still cold.


    押し花 : 玉ねぎ、おくら

  means a circle and a ring.

  Each line of becomes part of the circumference of various circles.
 Whole image of 輪 is  round-shaped.     pressed flower  : onion and okura

笑顔のたえない家族 explanation of English,please clich here ,

 「笑」を、家族の名前の一文字で囲みました。今まで通り、いつも笑顔のたえな い家族でありますように。

     押し花 ①華子  : 桜、ゼラニウム  ②涼子  : あじさい、アナベル
        ③龍三  : アメリカフウロ  優子  : 桜、ゼラニウム
          ⑤利久  : ミント ⑥背景  : 桜、アナベル、アメリカフウロ


紋は、植物を起源とするものも沢山あります。「紋」の文字自体を、「丸みを帯びたご紋」に表現してみました。  押し花:おくら

means a crest.
Many crests are originated from the shape of a plant.The shape of in itself becomes a crest.                      pressed flower  : okura




    押し花 ①蝶:パンジー ②花:アナベル、バーベナ

  舞means fluttering and dancing. The work expresses fluttering petals and dancing butterflies in the spring wind.  pressed flower butterfly): pansy ②flower:Annabel, verbena


今から22年前、長女を身籠って、大きなお腹の妻と一緒に行った奈良で見た藤の感動を、作品に込めました    押し花:藤の花のかわりに千鳥草で表現


Wisteria having loosely pendulous flowers

means a wisteria.I went to NARA Prefecture and saw very beautiful wisterias with my wife who got pregnant with our first child, 22 years ago.My wife and I can never forget this wonderful impression of wisterias.         pressed flower  :  larkspur instead of wisteria



 押し花 : バーベナ、アナベル、忘れな草、ミモザ、アリッサム


  春means spring. The work expresses my buoyant heart in spring at its height when various flowers are in full bloom after cold winter.

     pressed flower  : verbena, Annabel, forget-me-not,  mimosa, alyssum


  雨に濡れたあじさいの花びらが雫のように感じました。いく筋にもゆっくりと滴る雫を表現しました。   押し花 : あじさい

means a drop of water.

I felt petals of hydrangea getting wet with rain like drops of water.

The work expresses drops of water which are slowly falling in many lines.

                          pressed flower  : hydrangea


押し花 :  アネモネ、シャクヤク、バーベナ、ゼラニウム



     means a flower. The work expresses spring of flowers in full bloom.

pressed flower :  anemone, peony, verbena, geranium


means a flower.

The work expresses a flower in full bloom.




and さくらmeans cherry blossoms. The work expresses cherry blossoms whose
petals are fluttering in the wind, gently falling to the ground.



means cherry blossoms. The work expresses a huge old cherry tree in full bloom, glowing under the moon light.


means a leave

The work expresses a leave of tender greenery.



今回の作品展では、昭和記念公園の春の花の写真に、「笑」を重ねてみました。 国営昭和記念公園の花々が、皆様の笑顔につながりますように。

 笑 means a smile and a smiling face.  I like a letter ‘笑’. I draw a letter ‘笑’ on a photo of flowers in SHOWA KINEN PARK. I hope various flowers of SHOWA KINEN PARK in spring make many people smile.

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